Galaxy Home Health LLC has an expert and licensed team and professionals assessing swallowing disorders and establishing a treatment plan to improve the swallow.

Our therapists will thoroughly explain the evaluation results and make specific recommendations, including individualized goals. We will provide a report that details the evaluation results, including their child’s strengths and weaknesses and a particular treatment plan (if applicable). We may refer to other specialists for additional assessment or treatment.

How is a swallowing problem treated at Galaxy Home Health?

We recruit the most highly qualified Speech-Language Pathologists to our team. And they recommend a different type of evolution, such as Modified Barium Swallow (MBS) evaluation, where your swallow is viewed under x-ray to see how food or liquid moves. Or they may suggest performing a Fibreoptic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) where a fibreoptic tube is placed while you swallow food and liquid. This allows us to visually see where the problem is and how to treat it best.

Here are some examples that our therapists use several treatments to help you or your child for safer swallowing:

Galaxy Home Health Swallow evaluation and management
  • Exercising muscles that are not working properly with the SLP
  • Changing kinds of foods or thickening liquids
  • Change head or body position
  • Learning new ways of swallowing

You may be unaware of which kind of care best fits you or your family. This is where Galaxy Home Health LLC helps you make important decisions about health care.