We Understand The Unique Needs Of Every Patient

It is a procedure in which a urinary catheter is inserted. It is to collect or drain urine from the bladder. A professional or trained nurse can help you in this better way. At Galaxy Home Health LLC, we have a well-trained care team to look after your loved one in their comfort zone.

Hiring a professional is the best and safest way to prevent unwanted infections. It is beneficial both for the family and the patient. We care for the patient professionally and effectively. Your patient is in safe hands. Thus, you don’t need to worry.

Galaxy Home Health Catheter Care
Our Care Team Ensures Proper Care With The Help Of The Following Essential Points:
  • Before inserting the catheter, make sure to clean the body area properly.
  • Ensure to empty urine bag every 8 hours or before if it is full
  • To avoid infections, drinking an ample amount of water is necessary
  • Since we have professionally trained nurses, they can help prevent all infections during cauterization by proper care.

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