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It is essential to monitor the vital signs of the body. As a health care provider, we routinely monitor your body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure. Although blood pressure is not measured as a vital sign, it is often measured. These signs help detect and monitor medical problems.

We have a devoted team of primary care physicians who can handle any medical emergency. We are trained to treat people of all ages and various medical issues. If you find any critical signs, reach us to our PCP doctors and report all your medical conditions.

Galaxy Home Health Vital Signs Monitoring And Report To Pcp Doctor
Our care team at Galaxy Home Health LLC:
  • Our care team checks your vital signs daily.
  • Nation suggested by your doctor.
  • We monitor your blood tests or any examination. Our nursing assistants are trained to listen attentively to patients.

Our team is dedicated to treating your loved ones with the same love and devotion they want for their own family.