Difficulty with putting words together, using language inappropriately, having memory and attention disorders can make life a significant struggle. At Galaxy Home Health, our therapists treat a wide range of cognitive-communication conditions so you can move forward more quickly and easily.

There are various reasons why you or your child may need speech therapy. Speech therapy may be necessary for a child who has experienced speech impairment due to an illness or injury. If you notice that your child is not on par with their peers or developmental milestones for their age, ongoing or intensive speech therapy sessions may benefit your child.

Galaxy Home Health Cognitive communication

Benefits of Speech Therapy for You or Your Child

At Galaxy Home Health, the benefits of speech therapy for you or your child is to:

  • Improving communication so they will be able to express thoughts and feelings
  • Preparing them for school so that they can keep up with other children in learning
  • Increases self-esteem and independence
  • Enabling them to speak so that others will understand what they are saying
  • Improves vocal quality

You may be unaware of which kind of care best fits you or your family. This is where Galaxy Home Health LLC helps you make important decisions about health care.