We Protect Your Loved Ones From Fall Risks

As your loved ones age, they may experience a change in their mobility. The change may be a lack of physical strength or balance and coordination problems. This can increase the number and severity of falls. Therefore, it becomes difficult for older adults to continue doing their activities independently.

Galaxy Home Health trained caregivers provide mobility support. They prevent fall risk by assisting your loved ones with their daily activities. Our caregivers work closely with seniors to create a safer environment and monitor their well-being. Our caregivers provide life-saving recommendations to prevent fall risks through an in-home safety assessment.

Mobility support

Our mobility support program includes:

  • In-home safety assessment to prevent fall risks
  • Assist exercise routines that promote balance, and mobility
  • Assisting patients with a wide range of activities
  • Reduce fall risks while supporting seniors in daily activities

Let our caregivers work closely with your loved ones to create a safer environment and monitor their well-being