Enhancing Functional Ability and Quality Of Life with the Help of Our Health Care Providers.

The physical and occupational therapist at Galaxy Home Health LLC develops a plan and utilizes treatment techniques. Our care team allows the patients to move freely. They help restore function, reduce pain, and prevent any disability. Moreover, they will help to maximize functional ability. We assure patient safety, thus, providing physical and emotional support.

Our professional staff suggests various equipment that helps to promote safety and maximize self-sufficiency. In addition to it, we assist patients in improving reasoning abilities and basic motor functions. Furthermore, our care team compensates for permanent loss of function.

Galaxy Home Health physical occupational therapy Restoring Function

Our Specialized Therapists Have These Goals For Their Patients

  • Providing comfort to your loved ones

  • Help in restoring body functions
  • Maximizing functional abilities
  • Help to reduce pain and reduce the burden on your family

Galaxy Home Health's goal is to support patients to live satisfying, productive, and independent lives. Contact us now!