Improving Your Quality of Life and Mobility

The most common task of the caregiver is a range of motion. Every patient needs it practically. It helps to improve circulation. Moreover, range of motion increases muscular flexibility and joint functionality. As home health care specialists, we perform this task properly, avoiding any injury.

The positioning impacts our body functions. When we sit, stand, or move, it affects circulation, muscles, and joint pressure. People who have less mobility suffer from skin breakdown and deterioration of muscles. Our professional team can help you to prevent these problems. We help to limit pressure over bony parts of the body. We use pillows to keep the ankles and knees of patients from touching each other.

We assist our patients in applying positions that evenly spread pressure and weight. Moreover, we change positions for people in wheelchairs every hour.

Galaxy Home Health Improving Your Quality of Life and Mobility

What Should Aging Adults Do To Stay Healthy?

  • Aging adults should move up seven days a week.

  • Good posture and comfort both are important.
  • Older people should spend time doing flexibility exercises and walking.
  • We encourage our patients to exercise. Thus, improving their quality of life.

You can prevent permanent disabilities and mobility complications with the help of professional caregiver services. Contact our physical and occupational therapist now.