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What is mobility?

How well you can walk and move refers to “mobility.” Many people lose mobility due to age factors or any health condition and surgery. Due to immobility, people feel lonely and cut off from people. Our care team understands your mobility issues and helps improve strength and mobility in the comfort of your home.

Our specialized physical occupational therapists understand the changes that happen with aging. Muscles weakness, joint problems, pain, neurological difficulties are some common conditions in aging adults due to mobility issues. These problems lead to immobility or lack of a person’s ability to move around. We help to improve your mobility and enhance muscles strength.

Galaxy Home Health Improve Mobility & Strength

Our Specialized Therapists Suggested Following Ways To Improve Mobility

  • Regular walking and exercising- maintain your balance and muscles strong.
  • Vision plays an essential role in improving mobility.
  • Our occupational therapists can develop and re-teach skills for making daily tasks easier.
  • Maintain a healthy weight and a healthy diet to improve your health.
  • With our physical therapists, you can help to strengthen muscles through exercises.

Get independence and avoid serious health problems by being mobile with our specialized physical and occupational therapy.