Helping Your Loved Ones To Achieve A Whole New Lease On Life

To recover from an injury or surgery, developing a routine is important. Most doctors and other medical professionals recommend physical therapy after having surgery. Galaxy Home Health professional physical & occupational therapists craft an exercise plan to help the patients regain their function.

Exercise is important to help the patients heal faster and improve their overall health. Our physical therapist (PT) and occupational therapist (OT) curated exercise plans help maintain and improve their functional movement goals. We create unique programs for every patient.

Create an exercise plan

Our exercise plans help the patients to

  • Get better outcomes
  • Reduce, manage, or sometimes even eliminate their pain
  • Increase patients’ endurance and range of motion
  • Lower patients’ chances of reinjury
  • Encourage patients to adopt long-term movement routines

We help individuals quickly rehabilitate from surgery and injuries and maintain long-term wellness.