We Provide Personal Care Services In The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

One of the best places to age is with personal care services. Grooming, bathing, and toileting can become challenging to your loved ones as they age. Galaxy home health has certified caregivers who are accomplished at making these daily tasks an easy, safe, and comfortable experience for their patients.

A person who can’t move well needs a bed bath. Bathing stimulates circulation in parts of the body. Also, it allows the caregiver to observe the patient’s body to be aware of any changes, including rashes, bedsores, or any abnormalities. Our nursing assistants are trained to use bath lift devices designed to help individuals with limited mobility. 

Personal Care Bed bath using lift

Our personal care includes the following tasks:

  • Assist with bathing and toileting
  • Assist with dressing
  • Assistance with getting in and out of bed
  • Washing and drying the hair
  • Oral care
  • Grooming including shaving

We understand the need for flexibility because the needs of an individual often change over time. We are happy to serve your loved ones for as long as they need the support.